About us

What does Mandelan mean for the users?

•Everyone feels desire for journeys, events, and recreation in still, well-balanced environment, having the most appropriate programmes.

•How is Mandelan able to help? Thanks to our experience gained during several years in the field of tourism, all opportunities are collected which provide the best entertainment facilities at the highest level and affordable price.

•Our experience is your experience and yours is ours, too. Mandelan is like a good bonbon since everybody could find something good for himself/herself. Each single program and service is checked, controlled carefully, put them prized at the website that later users may classify in a single reliable system.

Mandelan helps you organise your programmes and informs you with a built-in GPS system about the nearest event where you are at the present time.

•Not only customers could see the offers but also every salesman is able to check each other’s goods so this way brings sellers closer together. B2c

•Moreover, it helps those people's situation who want to travel but they do not have the exact partner to take part in a fantastic trip. C2C

How can we provide assistance to travellers?

•The best quality is offered and guaranteed checked.

•If users select programmes, system will automatically show all similar or related ones or every available program appears in the exact city, providing the purchase of products in pack.

What does Mandelan offer for salesman?

•New surface for selling, having good appearance.

•Your products will be qualified again.

•Simple user interface, well visible statistic data.

•Suggestions - we help you sell - give useful advice - improve it with online marketing.

Mandelan does not only give you simple customers but also it supplies the quality of your programmes with permanent proof.

•With the fellow-traveller search function, it helps sell programmes in larger quantity since users are able to share where they want to travel, to which city or which program they want to take part in and what kind of partner they need. (larger amount of selling)

Mandelan is a personal guide system, offering the best from everything as a local best friend. If you are dissatisfied with the price, you can check the costs of other similar and available programmes on the site.

•Furthermore, in case the user allows, the system will send information about some available programmes around that neighbourhood. (Google Map built-in function)

Our philosophy:

•We offer everything from the smallest to the largest, from famous to unknown because we would like to give the best information to every single traveller.

Tourists are also helped to get the same as local people and informed about each thing not to be overlooked.