Changes and Cancellations

You can change or cancel a booking up to 72 hours in advance without a fee from Mandelan (subject to specific conditions explained when you purchased the booking). To change or cancel a booking, view your upcoming tours by selecting Account from the menu or the home screen in the app. Select the booking you wish to change/cancel and tap Booking Options. On the web, click on Bookings from the account menu to view and change/cancel upcoming tours.
Certain items, including special event, theater and show tickets cannot be changed or cancelled.

It has been 48 hours since I booked and I have not received confirmation.

Some confirmations take a little longer than 48 hours, especially over weekends and holidays. Mandelan will do everything possible to secure a confirmation. Your credit card will not be charged until your booking is confirmed. Also you can call customer support at: 00 36 20 568 1251 Agents are available to help 20/7.

How do I request a refund for a booking?

Please submit your refund request on the Customer Care Contact via email. If your request is after the travel date, please provide your booking reference number and the specific details of your refund request. Or you can call us directly 20/7 at 00 36 20 568 1251, [email protected]