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  • Art in Paradise Bangkok is another great place for tourists to visit in Bangkok City because it is, in the present, the first and only one illusion art museum - the museum presenting Anamorphosis. Additionally, visitors can enjoy the museum interactively by taking photos of your posture with 3d illusion painting or even touching the painting. Not surprisingly, the museum is popular for visitors in different ages, especially kids.
  • Art in Paradise officially opened in April 2012 by Shin Jae Yeoul. The investment of establishment for this 5,800 square meters is approximately 50 million Baht. In the building, there are divided into many rooms for presenting different kinds of the 3D painting, such as underwater world, dinosaur world, water fall, Egypt and so on. The purpose to establish this museum is to present interesting and interactive arts to attract various types of visitors, so that visitors can have fun and can have great memories about what artists try to present.
  • As just mention that Painting inside Art in Paradise is designed for visitors to fully interact with, there are example photos of how to act with the paintings. It will help visitors have some ideas about that specific art. Though, those who would like to create their own postures can do it right away as well. This is a reason why we can always see smile feelings on visitors' faces. Note that, to make your photos great, you might need to try finding a cool angle because it will make 3D painting alive.
  • • Museum is open from 10:00-18:00

    • Pick up from Hotel (optional)

    • Take your team to walk around the museum

    • Transfer back to the hotel (optional)
    • A unique art gallery with full of illusion wall & floor paintings

    • Perfect place for Photography enthusiasts, kids and families

    • 10 Different zones with diverse art styles

    • The ocean room, Dinosaur room and wildlife room will make the kids go crazy

    • Fulfill you fantasies by being a part of some unique times' and creatures' paintings which is impossible in real life

    • A must visit when in Bangkok

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