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  • What’s chocolate without sugar? What’s Phuket without a beach? Both combinations are incomplete in itself. Phuket has countless beaches all speaking volumes of its crystal clear waters and smooth sandy white carpets with a breathtaking view to look at.
  • It’s a commom myth that Phuket beaches are overcrowded. With a good number of beaches, there remain numerous which are still undiscovered paradises.
  • This 540-square km island has everything for water babies. Enjoy the shacks, swim in the clear water or just lie down on the fine granules of sand- Phuket has it all. Here is a list of some beaches you’ll be thrilled to visit;
  • Phuket is a melting pot of indigenous Thais, Thai-Chinese, ethnic Malays and even sea gypsies. The provincial town’s economy having boomed over the past decade has led to a lot of the youngsters leading similar lives to those in Bangkok. Altogether, the lifestyle of the urban Sino-Thais in Phuket resembles that of their counterparts in Bangkok.
  • • Pick Up from hotel as per your flight timings

    • Drive for approximately one hour to reach Phuket International Airport.

    • Drop at Airport in Phuket.
    • Comfortable Van for approximately one hours drive

    • Reliable Drivers and TourPirate representatives for a hassle free service

    • Our unbeatable On Time Performance will make your first preference

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