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Give shape and color to your imagination and witness the magnificent Acropolis exactly as it was during the Golden Age! Team-up with a knowledgeable and fun licensed guide and enjoy a private tour in the sacred rock of Acropolis, while the perks of your own 3D Acropolis Ipad will offer you an experience full of history, color and vibrancy! Get on board and let your journey begin!

What to expect

Get ready and join us for a real-life experience in the very Acropolis of the 5th century BC. An entertaining and expert guide will walk you through the monuments of Acropolis, while you will be getting a real grasp of how Acropolis was with the 3D Acropolis ipad! But how does it work?

Before your tour kicks off, you will be provided with a tablet (ipad) that uses augmented and virtual reality technologies. This way you will be able to see the Acropolis as it was during the 5th century BC by just moving your tablet around.

Jump at the chance to get interior and exterior views of the Acropolis monuments, as well as admire lost or broken statues in their prior state full of color and vividness. Walk through Propylaea and admire the unique coffered ceiling as vibrant and colored as it was during the Golden Age; be awed by the magnificence of the Parthenon and get the chance to see the Golden Ivory statue of Athena Parthenos; get enchanted by the maidens – the famous Caryatids - that support the Erechtheion and be charmed by their elegance. Zoom in and zoom out to focus on details of the monuments.

And there is more to it! Watch 3D the history track of the Acropolis Hill trough the centuries!

Our 3D Acropolis tour gives three dimensions and color to your imagination! This is where ancient Greek art and architecture meet virtual reality technology to make your journey to the past a real life experience. An ideal tour for families! Kids will follow with bells on!


Private guided tour with an expert and licensed guide.

Ideal for families! Kids will be over the moon!

You will be provided with as many tablets as you wish!

Use a 3D Acropolis app and “travel back in time”!

Get a real grasp of the Acropolis Hill as it was during the Golden Age with all its colors and beauty!

  • Group Tour
  • Live guide
  • Multilingual audio guide

NOTE: ALL Tours must be booked 72 hours in advance!

Tours run daily with the exception of Tuesday, Thursday

Start: 9:30 AM

Min. number of participants: 2

Ipad rental available for 15€

Language: English, Spanish


- Entrance fee to Acropolis

- Gratuities

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