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Get the chance to learn how to dance popular Greek folk dances and have fun like the Greeks do: eat, drink, laugh and dance your evening away!

What to expect

Do it like “Zorbas the Greek” in the famous film and follow us to a memorable evening full of music and rhythm. Get in the mood and warm up your legs with a short walk through the scenic Areopagitou Street to finally end up to the place where your Greek folk dance class will take place.

Our fun and professional dance teacher will take you in a journey to the culture and history behind the Greek folk dances, introducing you smoothly to the energy you need to feel in every step of each dance. Join the dancing circle and hold each other’s hands to follow the steps of the most popular Greek folk dances like “kalamatianos”, “syrtos” and –of course- the very famous “syrtaki”.

Having worked your legs off, your dancing adventure will lead you to a traditional place where you will have fun the way Greeks do. With an amazing view of the illuminated Acropolis, you get the chance to experience an original Greek feast or “glendi” in Greek: delicious dinner, punchy wine, Greek music and great company of warmhearted locals will fill up your evening with lots of laughter and dance.

Are you ready to have fun like the Greeks do?

  • Dinner
  • Private Tour

NOTE: ALL Tours must be booked 72 hours in advance!


-1,5 hour private Greek Dance Lesson with a professional instructor

- English-speaking guide

-Full (4-dish) dinner with wine, at a traditional restaurant with live Greek music


- Anything else you'd like to purchase

- Grativities

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