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Single - 2 502.00
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Triple - 1 288.00
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Day 1

*Arrival to Sao Tome and transfer to Club Santana Hotel (4 Star)

*Overnight at Club Santana hotel (Half board)

Day 2

*Activities: Northern beaches - 8h

Visit to the Northern beaches and villages (Agostinho Neto, Diogo Vaz)) and enjoy the beatiful green savanna landscape. This tour is also an opportunity for some diving in the paradise beaches (Tamarino beach - 1 hour, Blue lagoon beach - 1 hour).

Evening at hotel.

*Overnight at Club Santana hotel (Half board)

Day 3

* Activities: Boat Tour to Islet of Cabras - 4h

You´ll enjoy the breathtaking view of the slopes of the paradise island, explore the coastline and beaches. This boat tour will take you to the small Rolas Islet and its beautiful and also small beach. During around 2 hours you´ll enjoy some marine fauna. There´s big probability to see fly-fish, dolphin and even some turtle.

Evening at hotel.

*Overnight at Club Santana hotel (Half board)

Day 4

*Activities: East coast beaches and villages tour - 8h

(Transfer from Club Santana to Praia Inhame Ecolodge)

Visit the cocoa plantation of Agua-Izé and the plantation of Sao Joao. Enjoy the blow-hole of Boca de Inferno, the beach of seven-waves, the beach of Micondo (1 hour) and the breathtaking landscapes of the South.

Evening at hotel.

*Overnight in Praia Inhame Ecolodge (Half board)

Day 5

*Activities: Equator tour (Rolas islet - The center of the world) - 6h

Enjoy the paradise Rolas islet at the south of Sao Tome (2 hours away from the city) where Pestana Equador resort is located and visit the mark of Equator, where the equator line crosses the principal Greenwich meridian.

After a short boat transfer from Praia Inhame (20 minutes) across to Rolas, you´ll face the paradise Pestana Equador Resort and amazing people.

There you can experience 30 minutes of trekking to see Equator mark, go to coffee beach (of white sand), walk in the small local village with about 100 people. You can also walk around and enjoy the beaches, the blowholes and landscapes or even spend time in hotel area and enjoy the pool. In the afternoon (04:00Pm) we cross again by boat to Praia Inhame.

Evening at hotel.

*Overnight in Praia Inhame Ecolodge (Half board)

Day 6

*Activities: Free day at Praia Inhame

Enjoy the hotel beach and surroundings. You can thek to other nearby beaches (Jalé beach, Cabana beach, Nguembu beach).

Evening at hotel.

*Overnight in Praia Inhame Ecolodge (Half board)

Day 7

*Activities: Transfer from Praia Inhame to Club Santana

Evening at hotel.

*Overnight at Club Santana hotel (Half board)

Day 8

*Transfer from the Hotel Club Santana to the Airport


  • Accommodation
  • Air-conditioner
  • Boat tour
  • Booking in advance
  • Breakfast
  • Dinner
  • Hotel pickup
  • Multi-day Tour
  • Photo stop
  • Round Trip Transfer
  • Shopping possibility


. Accommodations in HB (half board) in Club Santana

. Transfer Airport/Hotel/Airport

. Tours with all included

. 1 pax - single room

. 2 pax - Twin (double) room

. 3 pax - Triple room

. 80 percent probability to see female turtle coming to nest in Praia Inhame




Air ticket


1 Pax - 2.502,00 €

2 Pax - 1.544,00 € per pax

3 pax – 1.288,00 € per pax

We have prices for all number of pax (group tour), depending on the room distribution

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