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One Day city tour of Addis Ababa - 185.85
(Addis Ababa is the capital city of Ethiopia)

Founded in 1886 by Emp. Menelik II, Addis Ababa is the capital of Ethiopia and the seat of the African Union (AU). Addis Ababa is the third highest capital in the world and one of the largest cities in Africa with a population well over 5 million. It is located at 2500 m above sea level at the foot step of the highest peak of Entoto Mountain chain (3200m above sea level), and enjoys an excellent climate all year round; with an average temperature of 160C.

National Museum:-It comprises of many archaeological and historical findings including the famous complete hominid fossil remain of ‘Lucy’ locally known as ‘Dinknesh’ meaning wonderful. Visiting this museum is having a good summary for your visit to the historic Ethiopia.

Ethnological Museum:-It is found in the main campus of the Addis Ababa University by the Institute of Ethiopian Studies with the aim to preserve the country's historical and cultural heritages. It has complete collections that describe almost all the tribal groups in Ethiopia. Here you will have an overview about the history, culture and traditions of the people of Ethiopia. The collections include the nomadic tribal groups that are now living just as man's forefather lived thousands of years back.

Trinity Cathedral:-a beautiful church with a baroque style of European architecture which is unique to both Ethiopia and Africa and is dedicated to the Holy Trinity. Here you will find scripts of the imperial families, statues done by a Greek sculpture, Stained glass window paintings from the Old and New Testament in the Bible and coffins of Emperor Haile Silassie-I; the founder of the church, and his wife.

Merkato:-It is the largest open-air market in Africa. Here you will be presented with confusing, but fascinating, glimpse of the vast range of goods and artifacts available from all parts of the country and you will enjoy the Ethiopian trade exchange tradition in the open air, you can purchase anything you desire here.

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Visa/Passport Info:

  • Passports must be valid at least 6 months beyond intended dates of travel.
  • Tickets or documents for return or onward travel may be required for entry into Ethiopia.
  • Visas can be obtained prior to travel or upon arrival in Ethiopia (only if you are arriving at Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa). Fees are payable in small denomination new series bills, USD cash on arrival.We recommend any travelers consult with their local physician or travel clinic in preparation for international travel.Beyond routine and standard vaccinations and precautions, the CDC does recommend additional vaccinations and anti-malaria medication for areas visited in Ethiopia.All tickets and required documentation will be handed over to in country. Pick-up times for transfers and sightseeing are subject to change, advisable locally.New edition US$ bills can be exchanged for local birr at hotels.Some hotels accept credit cards, though processing can be problematic.For convenience, we recommend relying on cash for any local expenses.Tipping is not compulsory. However, if you want to tip because you have received good service you can. Standard hotel check-in and check-out times apply, unless noted otherwise.Baggage on aircraft within Ethiopia is restricted to 25Kg. per person of checked luggage plus a carry-on.At this time we wish to re-emphasize that travel within Africa is an adventure at every moment.Dinkinesh Ethiopia Tour will endeavor to keep you apprised of any changes and/or alterations to the program due to flight arrival/departure rescheduling or other situations that may occur throughout your travel.Climate:
  • Average Altitude; 2324 m (7625 ft.).
  • The average temperature in Ethiopia is 15.9 °C (61 °F).
  • The range of average monthly temperatures is 3 °C.
  • The warmest average max/ high temperature is 25 °C (77 °F) in March, May.
  • The coolest average min/low temperature is 7°C (45 °F) in January, November & December.
  • Ethiopia receives on average 1089 mm (42.9 in) of precipitation annually or 91 mm (3.6 in) each month.
  • On balance there are 148 days annually on which greater than 0.1 mm (0.004 in) of precipitation (rain, sleet, snow or hail) occurs or 12 days on an average month.
  • The month with the driest weather is November when on balance 9 mm (0.4 in) of rain, sleet, hail or snow falls across 2 days.
  • The month with the wettest weather is August when on balance 269 mm (10.6in) of rain, sleet, hail or snow falls across 28 days.
  • Mean relative humidity for an average year is recorded as 60.7% and on a monthly basis it ranges from 49% in February to 82% in July
  • Hours of sunshine range between 2.8 hours per day in July and 9.7 hours day in December

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