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Join us for the Secret Acropolis Tour and get an intriguing insight into a secret side of the Acropolis Hill away from the usual tourist trail. “Duck into” secret pathways of history to sneak a look at the hidden parts of the time trail laid on the sacred rock since almost 3,500 BC. Dig deep into the history layers and unravel the unexpected and the unseen.

Brace yourself and give into an unforgettable journey!

What to expect

Follow our expert and fun guide to a unique and unusual tour that will let the Acropolis secrets of centuries slip out! Walking through the sacred rock, the sights rise up to greet you through revealing stories in every spot encountered. Find out about Propylaea and the lost gallery of the Ancient World that hosted works of famous artists of the ancient era. From the secret cults of goddess Athena to spicy stories about Pericles’ wife, your walk in Acropolis will unfold secret facts, gossip and rumors of the sacred rock.

Myths interwoven with every single spot of the Hill, mythical beasts, deceit and tragedies that follow the legendary figure of Theseus will make you stop dead in tracks! Find out about women with special privileges in Ancient Athens and get to know a stellar cast of famous figures that walked the very ground you stand on. And this is not even the half of it!

Dig deeper than the average tourist and make every step in the Acropolis Hill along with a secret tale. Wonders will never cease!

  • Live guide
  • Private Tour

Enjoy a private-guided tour with our expert and licensed tour guide

Take a memorable journey to the Secret Acropolis

Let your jaw drop with the myths, stories and fun facts braided with the Acropolis Hill

Find out exceptional figures that left a distinct footprint at the Acropolis

Discover the different functional roles of the Acropolis across the centuries


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