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The cities of Santos and Guarujá are two costal cities, close to São Paulo and very much frequented by Paulistanos (as the inhabitants of the city of São Paulo call themselves). Both are approximately 80km from the capital and sit on the Atlantic Ocean, which is known for its excellent wading waters.

After a drive of about one hour which will take us on a modern highway through great portions of the Atlantic Forest, we will arrive in Santos, home of the largest maritime port in Latin America. The view of countless shipping containers and cargo vessels is an impressive sight and visitors can’t help but feel a strong sense of economic vibrancy. The port of Santos, Brazil’s main merchandise depot, was the main port of entry for thousands of immigrants who came to Brazil at the end of the 19th century to work on the great coffee plantations.

Still in Santos, you will get to know the main tourist attractions of the city, both in the historic city center as well as on the edges of the city. You will discover how the production of coffee influenced the local way of life and customs, and learn more about the important historical figures of the area who affected not only the state of São Paulo but the country as a whole.

Afterwords, we will take the ferry to Guarujá, which is located on Santo Amaro Island. Since the 1970s, with the expansion of the city and a boom in the local real estate market, the island has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state of São Paulo. It has a large selection of beaches, restaurants and lookout points, from the latter of which visitors will be able to take some excellent photographs.

At the end of the tour we will make a stop at an excellent local restaurant, where we can enjoy the local specialty: seafood (prices for meals not included).

* The largest seaport in Latin America

* Main sights of the city of Santos

* Ferry-boat ride

* Viewpoints in Guaruja

* Enjoy beautiful beaches

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