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Your tour starts at the Lama Temple, one of the best examples of sacred temples in the region. Its rich diversity of architectural styles includes Han, Mongolian, Manchurian and Tibetan. Next, we head to the Beijing Zoo to see the frolicking Pandas – a living Chinese treasure that's sure to bring a smile to your face. For lunch, we’ll replenish ourselves with a tasty meal at Qiu Yi Yuan restaurant.

Afterwards, we’ll take a break and go next-door to the Li Heng Tang Pearl workshop, where we can learn about the ancient art of pearl cultivation. Finally, we will indulge ourselves in the overwhelming beauty of Summer Palace, the emperor’s resort for eight centuries. Destroyed twice in the 19th century by foreign invading forces, the palace was fully renovated to its’ present condition by the Empress Dowager Cixi – her lasting legacy, and now a World Heritage Site.

* Lama Temple

* Panda Garden in the Beijing Zoo

* The Summer Palace

* Li Heng Tang Pearl Sho

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