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Take the bus tour to the Udarnik Movie Theater, a monument to Russian constructivism, the only cinema in Russia with a telescopic

opening roof, which has never actually operated. Hop off and admire the world famous Kremlin, the historic fortified complex at the heart

of Moscow, which overlooks the Moskva River, Saint Basil’s Cathedral and Red Square.

Moscow, Russia’s capital city, is steeped in history and home to 20 million inhabitants. Hop on and off at key locations and explore

Moscow at your leisure. The bus tour starts at Moscow’s renowned Red Square which is home to the 16th Century St. Basil’s Cathedral,

one of the most famous pieces of architecture in the world, plus the constructivist pyramid of Lenin’s Mausoleum. Travel over Bolshoy

Moskvoretsky Bridge, a concrete arch structure which spans the Moscow River and connects the Red Square and Bolshaya Ordynka

Street of Zamoskvorechye. The bridge’s architect, Alexey Shchusev, chose pink granite as the facade to make the bridge look as if

built by real rock. Absorb the history of Balchug street, one of the oldest Moscow streets outside of the Kremlin walls. Admire the

unmistakable red brick factory of Red October which is situated on Bolotny Island in the middle of the Moscow River and has become

an architectural icon.

  • Available every day
  • Family friendly
  • Multilingual audio guide
  • Wheelchair accessibility

Tour Information

Season: All Year Round

Excluding: Not Applicable

First Tour: 10:00

Last Tour: 19:25 (Seasonal), 19:05 (Weekends/Holidays)

Duration: 60 minutes

Frequency: 60 minutes

Additional Information: Wheelchair Access with Manual Ramp

Child (6-13) Senior (60+)

Commentary: English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Chinese, Russian, Arabic

Included with the Ticket

Free Walking Tour, Cover’s all the main attractions in Moscow:

Varvarka Street, Romanovs Chambers, St. Basil’s Cathedral,

Red Square, Lenin’s Mausoleum, The Senate Palace, GUM,

Kazan Cathedral, Moscow Hotel from the famous Stolichnaya

Vodka cover, The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Ruins Grotto,

The Kremlin.

Tour Stops

Red Line

1. Bolotnaya Sq

2. Urdarnik cinema at Serfimovich St

3. Big Stone Bridge

4. Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

5. Kropotkinskaya metro station

6. Sivtsev Vrazhek lane

7. Arbatskaya Sq.

8. Alexander Garden at Mokhovaya St.

9. Okhotny Ryad

10. Theater Sq.

11. Lubyanka Sq.

12. GUM -main universal country’s store

13. Red Square

14. Big Moskvoretsky bridge

15. Balchug Stat Bolotnaya St.

16. Red October

17. Urdarnik cinema at Sofiyskaya St.

18. Balchug Stat Sofiysjaya emb

City Sightseeing Moscow Combination Tickets

Boat Tour

The combination tour includes your Hop On Hop Off Bus Ticket plus a boat tour on the Moskva Canal.

The Moscow’s Vodootvodny canal was built in 1783-1786 along the central bend of the Moskva River near the Kremlin, with a length of

4 kilometres, width 30 - 50 meters. Together with the Moscow River forms the island Balchug. While traveling through the canal you will

be able to see the stunning implementation of engineering: Maly Kamenny (Small Stone) bridge, the First and Second sluice bridges,

Small Krasnokholmsky bridge, Zverev bridge, Commissariat bridge and Sadovnichesky bridge.

Along the Vodootvodny canal there are many interesting architectural monuments of the past: factory “Einem”, which later became the

factory “Red October”, Pertsov’s commercial apartment building, facilities of the oldest hydro-electric power station in Moscow.

Sailing along Yakimanskaya embankment you will see the head office and the industrial buildings former textile factory Golutvino, on

Prechistenskaya embankment - Association of manufactures Butikov and the building of the Technical school named after Ermakov.

On Sofiyskaya embankment you’ll come across the wonderfully preserved bell tower of the Cathedral of St. Sophia the wisdom of God,

along with the former “House of free apartments for widows” of fairy godfathers Bakhrushins brothers and many other interesting sights!

First Tour: 11:00 (April-October)

Last Tour: 20.00 (April-October)

Departs from: Tretyakovsky pier

Duration of tour: 60 minutes

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