Total Price :
385.47 /p
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Private tour to Chernobyl for 1 person - 385.47
Private tour to Chernobyl for 2 persons - 432.67
Private tour to Chernobyl for 3 persons - 590.00
Private tour to Chernobyl for 4 persons - 629.33
Private tour to Chernobyl for 5 persons - 703.08
Private tour to Chernobyl for 6 persons - 737.50
Private tour to Chernobyl for 7 persons - 835.83
Private tour to Chernobyl for 8 persons - 904.67
Private tour to Chernobyl for 9 persons - 904.67

The tour starts in Kyiv. Guide will inform you about the rules of radiation safety. You will watch specially prepared video materials about Chernobyl.In Chernobyl you will see museum, Elias church, park of glory, river port, memorial ″Those who saved the world″ and many other interesting places. You can walk along the streets of abandoned villages and towns. Once there was life but now only empty building and lost toys remind us about the people who lived here 30 years ago. At the river port you can feed giant catfishes (they are always hungry). Photo and video shooting is permitted. Then you will see the Fourth reactor and the construction of a new confinement. The guide will tell you some aspects of complex engineering solutions about transformation the ″Shelter″ into ecologically safe system. You can even have a talk with plant employees. Then we move to abandoned village Zalessie. Until 1986 this village was one of the most populated in the zone. There lived more than two thousand people. Empty houses, schools, shops are still waiting for people. Next stop is village Kopachi. It is 4 km. from Chernobyl. This village was developing rapidly in 1986 but after the Chernobyl accident it was damaged by radiation and buried under the ground. Monument dedicated to soldiers of WWII, kindergarten and machine-tractor station are still opened for tourists. In Chernobyl you will see the exhibition of equipment that was used in liquidation of the Chernobyl accident.

You will receive:

  • 1.The high level of service. You will be provided with comfortable transport, guides, author's programs of the tour and the individual approach to each client.
  • 2.A choice of convenient day. We shall organize the top level tour in any day, month and year
  • 3.Individual program. We shall organize a tour according to your wishes and recommendations.
  • 4.Independent structure of group. You can go alone or take your friends. The more people in group, the cheaper is the price to Chernobyl and Pripyat.
  • 5.Special costs. The cost of an individual tour to Chernobyl and Pripyat may be lower than in the group trip (from 25 members to 25 % lower). Tour price is calculated in each case individually.
  • 6.Opportunity to stay overnight in Zone. Individual tour in Zone may be last from one to five days. It all depends on your. Chernobyl has a hotel, in which you can stay if you order a tour for two days or more.
  • 7.Free communication with squatters. During the individual tour is chance to talk with there. Squatters are civilian people, they live there permanently. They love their guests and they are willing to share information with you, which is not available even on Internet.

  • +18
  • Air-conditioner
  • Available every day
  • Booking in advance
  • Comfortable Clothing Recommended
  • Driver
  • Full Day Tour
  • Hotel pickup
  • Live guide
  • Lunch
  • Luxury
  • Non-refundable
  • Photo stop
  • Private Tour
  • Round Trip Transfer

Please Note!

The trip to the Chernobyl exclusion zone must be ordered in advance. Not later than 3-7 days before the date of the tour.

Only for persons over 18 years old!

The price includes:

- Full visit to Chernobyl exclusion zone

- Transport support

- Lunch

- Insurance

- Organization of permits required to visit Zone

- Permissive documentation required for a visit 30km zone

- Permissive documentation required for a visit 10km zone

- Permissive documentation required for a visit the city of Pripyat

- Permissive documentation required for a visit (OTH) radar station "Duga"

- Professional guide who speaks English and Russian

- Permission for the photo and video shooting

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