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Start your day early; get picked up at your hotel or meet the group at the centrally located meeting point in Split or Trogir. A scenic route across the border takes you through some picturesque villages of the rural Bosnia and Herzegovina as you approach the famous Catholic pilgrimage village Medugorje. This small rural site has turned into a wildly known pilgrimage site for Catholics around the world, that come here every year in search of a miracle. It was back in 1981 when six children claimed they saw a vision of Virgin Mary when Medugorje became exceedingly famous, attracting more and more visitors every year. Make the most of your free time here to walk around the village. Private tour offers you an opportunity to relax and enjoy your time in Međugorje without thinking about time. Attend the Holy Mass, climb the Apparition Hill, explore the souvenir shops and simply take your time to enjoy your stay. When you’re ready, the driver will take you back to Split or Trogir where you’ll be dropped off at the same place where you were picked up from.

* Small groups ensure personal service

* Taste traditional foods like "burek“ or "baklava“

* Relax in Međugorje, a spiritual place, and attend the Holy Mass

* Spend as much time as you want in Medugorje

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