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The first theme park in Bavaro and Punta Cana. In operation since 1996, the park combines direct contact with exotic animals endemic to the island with five amazing shows (dolphins, sea lions, horses, exhibition of parrots and macaws and culture show of tainos). Complete your visit to know the most important species in the country, the center's largest breeding of iguanas in Dominican Republic and having an unforgettable experience with our dolphins through the first dolphin swim program in the Dominican Republic. The shows of dolphins, sea lions, parrots and macaws and the spectacle of Taino culture are in the morning and afternoon, while the horse show takes place at 13.00. In addition to the shows, customers can visit the facilities of many other species such as alligators, capuchin monkeys, spider monkeys or rhinoceros iguanas, or have the opportunity to introduce within the premises of our animals, feeding them the same. We recommend that you come with swimsuit, as the park has two cenotes where guests can relax while cooling. Swimming with dolphins Meet the first dolphinarium in Dominican Republic and enjoy the experience of playing, swim and kiss a dolphin. It also includes the entrance to Manatí Park, the only theme park in the country with different shows and endemic species in the country. Minimum height of 120 cm. for swimmers only. This program lasts 15 minutes, and each group receives a maximum of 12 people.

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